For we know — that all things work together for the good of those who love God.

How could of all people...end up in a position to claim this as mine?

Life was never supposed to be this way, I've done wrong after wrong, how is it that those same wrongs have created my biggest blessing, Truéno? I’ve been the worst of guys, and I’m the last person who deserves a position such as the one I have. My closest and whoever reads this, have never and probably will never understand that I haven’t done anything in my own strength. That if I had to start again I wouldn’t be capable of getting to this point. None of this is about how great I am, glory to God.


No matter how long I stay away, Hackney is my home and it always will be. The estate could neither make or break me but this is where the story starts. We grew up on a council estate so obviously we didn’t have the most comfortable childhood, most of the mandem came from single parent homes where mum was on government benefits, things are never easy in that sort of situation. Poverty creates negative environments and negative things happen in negative places. I guess you can work out the direction my life started to turn in......


I never actually thought I’d go to prison. Even though so many of the mandem had already been and were in prison at the time. It’s one of those things you never think will happen to you until it actually does. Also it’s one of those places that force you to face who you truly are. So many boys would come into the jail and fold, not even a shadow of the supposed gangster they portrayed outside of prison. For me it was more of the norm, the same confidently calm kid. I really just wanted to keep my head down so I wasn’t there to cause trouble but I certainly wasn’t there to become a victim either. Things got interesting from my very first day on the wing.....


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